Messy Mamahood

April 6, 2012

Becoming "Messy Mamahood"

Yep. Knot's tied. Move's over. Adoption's in-process. Let the messiness begin! For clarification, Scott and I were married on January 26, 2012. Actually, that was the date of our wedding and reception. We applied for and picked up our marriage license on December 16, 2011...and, what do you know - it was burning a hole in our pockets. So...we walked in to our church on December 18 and asked our pastor to marry us right there in his office. Merry Christmas to us! That means that each year we'll celebrate Anniversary - Christmas - Anniversary - Valentine's Day, all within a 60-day period. Woohoo! Think I can snag four romantic dinners, flowers and a gift out of each of those? Yeah, me either. ;0)

That was Event #1 (followed immediately by a short but AWESOME mini-honeymoon in Weston. If you've never stayed there, I highly recommend it.) Event #2 was our move to a bigger, newer and more wonderful home the end of February. We are totally digging our new digs. Planning a housewarming party as soon as things settle down. Ha! That made me giggle (and cringe) as I typed it. Settle down. What do those words even mean?

Event #3 - The Adoption. Yes, I'm married to an amazing man who is adopting my 8-year-old daughter as his own. She's soon-to-be Blane Delk, and boy, is that girl excited!! It will be final in May.

Once we got the adoption going, Scott and I headed off to Catalina Island for an extended honeymoon. Our friends, the Valverdes, joined us and the boys ran the Catalina Marathon while we were there. Beautiful and FUN vacation. So many great memories.

Still loving my job at Kansas City Hospice. My first TV campaign is currently airing on major networks and cable, and I'm beginning the creative process for directing/producing at least three more spots to start in September.

Oh, and did I mention the kids?? ;0) Taege is almost a senior and working at Culver's. Keile is 14 and just got her learner's permit (two kids behind the wheel does NOT rock). Sophie and Blane are finishing up third grade and the twins, kindergarten. We're gearing up for our annual trip to Tan-tar-a with Heartland. This will be my first year at OFA as a no-longer-solo mama. Yeah, me!

I have lots of stuff stored up in my head...ready to start purging onto these blog pages again. Good times!