Messy Mamahood

June 13, 2010

Face time with God

One piece of advice I always hear is not to talk about religion or politics if you want to keep your readers. And, for some reason, I've listened to that advice...up to this point. Sitting in church service this morning, however, I realized how ridiculous that is because it's my faith that makes me who I am - as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker. It's my relationship with Christ that keeps me afloat in the often tumultuous waters of single parenting, and life in general.

This morning, our pastor challenged us to give up (for a week) the first source of information we routinely turn to each day and, instead, devote that time to God, praying and studying his Word. The first thing I thought of was Facebook. I would say, quite honestly, that this has become one of my addictions. Every morning I get on to check out what's happening in the lives of my friends, view photos posted, share what's going on in my life and see the latest updates on the pages I "like." It's like my morning coffee; I can't start my day without it. So, I'm giving up Facebook this week for face time with God.

When I told my kids about this, the two youngest looked at me funny. But it gave me the opportunity to teach them more about our faith and it set an example for them, planting another seed that I'll continue to water as the years go by. This, I believe, is my most important job as a mother - one I take very seriously. And one I won't be talked into hiding - here or anywhere else.


Duane Hallock said...

I just found your blog and would encourage you to continue writing posts. You obviously have strong writing skills and you speak with an interesting voice. I was especially attracted to this post. On Facebook I have avoided talking a lot about religion or politics, but I appreciate the way you handled the topic here. I'm not ashamed to a Christian, and I am impressed with how you handled the subject. Keep writing, please!

Kenyon Delk said...

Hi Duane, my friend! I'm pulling out my blog and dusting it off today, preparing to launch into the blogosphere once again, and I came across your comment here on this post. Thank you so much! 😊